Our Support Services

ABA Preschool Academy will create personalised individual educational programs for each individual need of the child.  This is achieved through a broad curriculum incorporating: language, communication, play, social interaction, fine motor and gross motor skills. Our priority is to promote independence and a sense of achievement in each child.  All our children will have access to a range of supports and services to help achieve their goals within a natural environment.

All our children will have access to the sensory room or garden. The benefits of sensory play are well known for all children. It provides a sense or relaxation and comfort and for children with special needs it can encourage hand and eye coordination, and the development of social and language skills. An overactive child or distressed child can be comforted and calmed, an inactive child become engaged.

 There is a cooking times and this can give the children a sense of confidence and feeling of comfort. It also enables us to practise a lot of self-help skills through Natural Environment Training. The children can access group cooking activities and learn key socialisation skills.

Outdoors, there is a wide variety of activities to keep the children active and exploring their environment. In some locations there is a sensory garden for exploring the different textures and smells in the natural environment. When spring comes, we can get out and about and start planting.