Our Programs

ABA Preschool academy uses behavior analytic principles to teach your child new skills. We focus on teaching your child in a fun and enjoyable environment. The teacher: child ratio is 4:6; our children learn through 1:1 teaching whilst still have the benefit of learning within a group environment and from their peers.


We recognise that every child is different and no one child will have the same needs and abilities.

Each child will be assessed comprehensively to determine needs. Once your child’s unique repertoire is identified we will develop an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) tailored specifically to your child’s needs. Your child will be cared for according to his/her needs and ability and we will move at a pace suitable to your child.

We want to make learning as fun and natural as possible for your child and we make every effort to use the natural environment as a method for teaching.

Children learn in a variety of ways but generally the initial skills targeted in a child’s program will include the basic learning skills (unless they are already well developed), this is the foundation for more advanced instructional programs. These include skills such as making eye contact, complying with simple instructions and attention skills

The next targets for intervention usually focus on independence in communicating one’s needs, wishes, and ideas and then more advanced skills are targeted, such as self-care, play skills, social skills, understanding emotions and academic skills


Multi disciplinary approach

Children will have access to a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) overseeing their goals and progress;  and behaviour therapy.

We recognise that families may have other interventions in place and we are happy to incorporate their learning goals into your child’s IEP as we believe in working as part of a team to ensure the best outcomes for your child.


Social interactions are an area that many children with ASD struggle with and often need a great deal of help to interact with their peers.

A school setting gives your child many opportunities throughout the day to encourage and reinforce these skills. When your child is ready, ABA Preschool Academy will incorporate many play and social interaction programs with their peers into your child’s IEP; this will provide many opportunities for interactions and reinforcement.

On a daily basis children will enjoy many group and social activities with their peers such as arts and crafts, library visits, outdoor play, music time, sensory room visits and much more. Our staff will encourage, reinforce and support all social interaction among the children.


Independence is happiness.

Susan B. Anthony

Our hope for all our children is to promote their independence and confidence in any skills they are learning. It is of great importance to us, to the children and their families that Academy children are able to use the skills they learn independently within their own environment.